By February 11, 2016Advertisement News, Media

In the last 6 months YouTube has brought us a new toy and experience with the introduction of 360 degree videos. The new feature allows users to get a full 360 degree view of the video by tilting on smart phones or keyboard controls on a computer. The exciting development is a great step forward by the YouTube platform to allow viewers to fully immerse themselves in videos.

Keep an eye on this development; it’s proving to be a great step forward for brands to involve viewers in their product and message.

Our two favourites at the moment go to Studio Canal Germany and The Dali Museum.

Studio Canal Germany has used the platform well with their new animated kids movie Robinson Crusoe. See how users can view and explore the trailer in their own way, an immersive and interactive way for children to get involved with the movie.

Salvador Dali has always been an engaging and hypnotising artist, the Dali Museum has also released a video in 360 which truly changes the experience.